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  • Cloud Systems & Data
    Lower your bottom line, ensure agility in your business and deliver faster
  • Integration
    Integrate isolated systems, automate business processes, or simple digitise your business
  • Business Intelligence
    Make critical decisions based on fact, and uncover trends to differentiate you
  • Think Differently
    Solving problems in new and unique ways. You can trust your
    business growth through innovative technology solutions

Business Solutions

Data Solutions

   Real-time dashboards
   Reports for Mobile devices
   Self-service reporting for business users
   Operational Reporting
   Strategic Reporting
   Predict sales/marketing trends

Integration Solutions

   Record trends and act on threshold breaches
   Predict hardware events before they happen
   Trigger off business processes from hardware events
   Move application/system data to your data warehouse for business intelligence
   Move bulk non transactional data between business systems
   ERP/CRM system Integration
   Implement an a-synchronous business process across systems






  • Location:

    Our development centre in Melbourne serves customers across Australia.
  • Development Centre:

    Level 1, 20 Queen Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
  • Mail

    PO BOX 1017, Camberwell, VIC 3124
  • Phone:

    1300 30 70 39

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