Windows Azure Service Bus EAI and EDI Labs April 2012 Release

Category: Azure, BizTalk

Another release is out the door for the Service Bus EAI and EDI Labs. Great to see this product progressing but what exactly is new. For a full listing of what is new in this April 2012 release have a look at this MSDN page. Features I think worth noting are:

  • You can now pull messages from an FTP server. This of course is very handy as it is (sadly but true) still a very common scenario in most corporate environments.
  • Receiving flat files (like the flat file disassembler in BizTalk). Note now you can also create flat file schemas just like the BizTalk wizard and I assume that the XSD flat file extensions are the same used in BizTalk (why re-invent the wheel). If true, this means an easy upgrade of flat file solutions in BizTalk to Azure. Note with this release you cannot send out flat file messages, only receive them.
  • Service Consuming Wizard. Well this had to be released at some point.
  • Operational tracking. Just like BizTalk. J
  • Support for SSL. A given.
  • Runtime error handling options for transforms. This is very cool and a great lesson learned from the BizTalk error handling saga.

Now we are seeing some features being released that will enable us to create some real world end to end common messaging business scenarios in the Azure Service Bus. I am now really looking forward to learning the final feature-set for RTW. When is RTW by the way?